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The History of Knob Creek Orchards...

Knob Creek Orchards has been a family-run business since 1958. We began as a small apple and peach farm located on the border of Cleveland and Lincoln County. Over the years, we've expanded our items to include delicious strawberries, juicy blackberries, and yummy homemade ice cream.

In the 1940s, Raymond and Loree Crotts planted their first apple trees. Raymond had a deep love for apples, and even when he was working elsewhere, he couldn't resist exploring apple trees with Loree on Sundays. After serving in World War II, Raymond turned his apple dreams into reality. He used his GI Bill benefits to take farming classes, which helped him become a successful apple farmer.

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After finding great success with their apple business, Raymond and Loree decided to expand in 1970 by adding peaches to their offerings. They didn't stop there; in 1993, they added strawberries, and later on in the early 2000s, blackberries became part of their agriculture endeavors. Today, their son Jeff and his wife Tara run the family business. They further boosted the business by opening a fruit stand and a store selling homemade ice cream in 1996. Now, Knob Creek Orchards has become a famous landmark at the Cleveland-Lincoln County line.

Farming: A Family Tradition

Jeff and Tara Crotts are the proud owners of Knob Creek Orchards. Under their guidance, the family farm has expanded to grow blackberries, and strawberries, and make delicious homemade ice cream. Jeff has learned a lot from his father and continues the tradition of sustainable agriculture, which was started by his dad in the early days of the farm. Both Jeff and Tara value family and, believe in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. It's their strong values and principles that have made Knob Creek Orchards a friendly and family-oriented business.

We also have a gift shop inside our store where you can shop for different products including home decor,toys, kitchen gadgets, canning goods, and Knob Creek clothing and hats. Not just that,we also have swings for kids and a huge area for running and playing.

Environmentally Sound....

At Knob Creek, we take pride in being environmentally friendly. We've been recognized by the USDA and Farm Credit for having some of the best eco-friendly practices in Cleveland and Lincoln Counties. An article in the Shelby Star highlighted our approach. We use pheromone traps, which help us reduce our impact on the environment and use fewer pesticides. These traps allow us to identify harmful insects in the fields and spray only when needed, saving both money and the environment. Just like Raymond, who started the farm, we prioritize the environment because it's essential for our business to thrive.

Homemade Ice Cream

At Knob Creek Orchards, we have a big variety of delicious ice cream, and we make it fresh right at our store. Whether you want classic flavors like vanilla or something special like butter pecan, we've got you covered. You can enjoy your ice cream inside our cozy store or outside in the fresh air with your family and friends. We usually have 12 flavors, but they might change with the seasons. If you want to know what flavors we have on a particular day, just give us a call ahead of time. And guess what? We're always coming up with new and exciting flavors, so our ice cream list keeps on growing!

What Smells So Good?

As soon as you step into our ice cream shop, you'll be greeted with an amazing smell that everyone asks about. It's the scent of our Homemade Waffle Cones! They have a delightful touch of vanilla that makes the whole place smell fantastic. And let me tell you, they taste as good as they smell! If you stop by, make sure to try one filled with our delicious ice cream. We guarantee you won't want to go anywhere else for your ice cream fix!

Do You Have a Church Event, Wedding, Birthday Party, or Just Enjoy Love Having Ice Cream?

We offer ice cream in convenient five-gallon buckets for any event you have planned. Just give us a call beforehand and let us know your preferred flavor. We'll have the ice cream ready and waiting for you until the day of your event. All you have to do is come by, pick it up, and enjoy it! After the event, simply return the clean buckets to us. It's a hassle-free way to make sure you have delicious ice cream to share with your guests!

Call a week before your event is scheduled to order your ice cream.
We require a $20 deposit on the buckets but don't worry, you'll get your money back! When you return the buckets to us clean and without any damage, we'll refund your deposit.

Fruits and More.....

At Knob Creek Orchards, we have a diverse selection of fruits that grow throughout the year. Spring brings sweet strawberries, and in the summertime, you can enjoy juicy peaches, blackberries, blueberries, Asian pears, and muscadines. As we head into fall, we have an abundance of apple varieties and delightful fall strawberries. Each season offers its unique flavors and experiences, so make sure to visit us and savor the joys of Knob Creek Orchards all year round!

Time of Harvesting

Strawberries in Spring (April-June)

Blackberries in Summer (Early June-October)

Peaches in Summer (June-Early September)

Nectarines in Summer (Late June-July)

Blueberries in Summer (Late June-August)

Muscadines in Summer (Late June-August)

Watermelons in Summer (Late June-August)

Apples in Late Summer (August-December)

Our Blackberry History

At Knob Creek Orchards, we have a vast expanse of 200 acres dedicated to blackberries, ensuring we have plenty to meet your needs. Our blackberry bushes are carefully managed, so as one set is getting ready to ripen, we have another set that is already plump, juicy, and waiting to be picked. We offer various varieties of blackberries, so you can enjoy them from June through October. The exact harvest times might vary depending on the weather conditions, but you can count on finding fresh and delicious blackberries at Knob Creek Orchards throughout the summer and early fall.

Our Peach History

At Knob Creek Orchards, we have been cultivating peaches since the 1970s, so you can trust that we know our peaches inside out. Our experience allows us to grow only the finest peaches possible. We cater to the preferences of our customers, offering peaches suitable for eating, canning, freezing, or baking. Whether you like white or yellow peaches, cling, or freestone varieties, we have a peach that will match your taste buds perfectly. And for those who prefer a fuzz-free option, we also grow sweet and juicy white and yellow nectarines to satisfy all your cravings.