Here at Knob Creek we grow eating, cooking, and dual purpose apples. 

Eating Apples

-Also known as Dessert Apples
-Typically smaller than cooking  apples
-Sweet, juicy, and delicious
-Known for their sweet taste
-Literally an apple that could be had for dessert

Cooking Apples

-Typically larger than eating  apples
-Often times they are semi-tart
-Firm flesh
-Don't break down much when  cooked
-Long shelf-life

Dual Purpose Apples
-Can be used for either eating,      cooking, or both.  

We listened when we heard our customers say they would like to bag-their-own apples.  Choose from 1/2 peck, 1 peck, 1/2 bushel, or 1 bushel.

*The apples are already picked from the tree, but you can pick them from a bin! 

You Want It... We Got It!
Apples, apple cider, apple bread, apple jelly, apple butter, you name it, we probably have it.  As our first plants, the apples are still our passion. Apples also make excellent gifts and are a healthy snack, so pick up a bag of our fresh apples to take to your Thanksgiving dinner! 

While you are here stop inside to try some delicious homemade apple ice cream on a fresh waffle cone.  See ya' soon!

Easy Apple Pie

A Family Favorite
4 cups diced apples
4-5 pieces of loaf bread
1 stick melted butter
1 Tablespoon flour
1 egg

Dice apples.
Place in water.
Sprinkle with salt. Let sit. Cut crust from bread.
Cut up bread in long pieces about 1-inch wide.
Drain apples and place in casserole dish.
Place bread strips on top of apples.
Mix butter, sugar, flour, and egg together.
Pour over bread and apples. Bake at 350 F until brown (approximately 45 minutes).
Serve warm with a cup of Knob Creek's vanilla ice cream.

Amazing Apples 
We begin harvesting apples in late August through December, so you will have plenty of time to make multiple trips to Knob Creek to experience many types of apples.  
A Bit About Apples...
Golden Delicious:
~Firm, crisp, juicy, flavor flesh
~Mild, sweet distinctive flavor
~High quality, all purpose
~Shrivels in storage
     ~Introduced in 1900
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Granny Smith:
~Moderately sweet, snappy flavor
~Superb eating and cooking qualities
~Keeps good texture during baking, never gets mushy
~Good shelf life
~Originated in 1968 from some discarded apples which Mrs. Thomas Smith bought from Tasmania

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Stayman Winesap:
~Firm, tender, juicy, yellowish flesh
~Tart, rich, wine-like flavor
~Excellent, firm cooking with spicy taste
~Best for baking
~Good keeper
~Introduced in 1866

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Red Rome:
~Crisp white flesh sometimes streaked with red
~Medium texture and firmness
~Excellent baking apple
~good for drying and eating fresh
~Good Keeper

Image result for red rome apples
~Crisp, dense, aromatic flavor
~Harvested early in the season
~Fine Flavor: subacid or semisweet
~Excellent quality
~Developed in New Zealand
~Introduced in 1965

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~High quality apple with fairly poor appearance
~Crisp, juicy, slightly subacid, whit flesh with outstanding texture
~Good keeper
~Developed in Japan
~Introduced in 1962

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Honey Crisp:
~Crunchy, crisp
~Moderately sweet
~Good dessert/eating apple
~Long shelf life
~Fairly new, released in 1991
Pink Lady:
~A newer apple on the market with crisp sweet/tart flavor
~Attractive, medium sized
~Pink blush over yellow undertone
~Keeps well
~Excellent for cooking and eating
Image result for pink lady apples
~Cross between red delicious and golden delicious
~Crisp and firm with aromatic flavor
~Red striped over creamy orange
~Good for cooking and eating
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Arkansas Black:
~Dark purplish fruit that turns nearly black at maturity
~Crisp, juicy, very firm, yellow flesh
~Good for eating or cooking
~Excellent keeper, mellows in storage
~Originated in Arkansas around 1870

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