A Bit About Berries

We've been growing strawberries since 1993.  With twenty years of experience we strive to provide our customers with berries that not only look great but have the taste to match.  We plant new plants every October and cover them with plastic so when spring arrives our berries are well protected and ready to go!


We grow a wide variety of strawberries, here at Knob Creek. To preserve your berries, you may plan to freeze them, and make jam or cider, but we always recommenced them fresh, FIRST. Our anticipated harvest times for strawberries are May to June.

Why can't you have fresh strawberries in the fall?

We begin picking our fall strawberries, straight out of the field, in late October/ early November. Bring your friends and have a bucket of our flavor-rich berries!

Strawberries, Strawberries, Strawberries!

Want more than a gallon of fresh strawberries?  We also have homemade strawberry ice cream, cider, jam, and jelly.